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New Emodicons!!
Wed 31 Dec 2008, 13:57 by (Admin) - Vercas
This is the first news posted on the forum!

I just added some new Anime Emoticons!!(little onions...)
Watch them out and use them wiseley!
Here the goodies are : Anger Crying... Too Tired Suspicious Surprised Salutes Tired Pukes Insanity Surrender Shy Enjoying some hot te It hurts... A LOT Frozen Thumbs up You there, STOP Amazed... Ruined, destroyed, h Bored / sad It wasn't me! I told you! / Let me NOOOOOO Angry! Please! Buh-bye! WHAAAT?

But wait! ( What?! )
That's not all!
I also added some Misc emoticons! Still anime, but they don't show any emotion!
Here the cuties are : Japanesse Anime Scho Japanesse anime girl Anime -goth- lady Japanesse anime cute Cute, eh?

Please reply here! Comments and opinions are welcome!

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