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 A possibly better Inventory System...

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(Admin) - Vercas

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A possibly better Inventory System... Empty
PostSubject: A possibly better Inventory System...   A possibly better Inventory System... EmptyMon 12 Jan 2009, 12:58

I need an inventory system... With multiboards...

GUI... I would like to store the items easy...
I need equipment slots, with equipable items...
I would like to use upgrades to increase the increaseable stats and triggered actions to increase attributes...

  • First weapon set Right Hand
  • First weapon set Left Hand
  • Second weapon set Right Hand
  • Second weapon set Left Hand
  • Ammo
  • Head
  • Chest
  • Left Shoulder
  • Right Shoulder
  • Legs
  • Right Knee
  • Left Knee
  • Right Foot
  • Left Foot
  • Right arm's Wirst
  • Left arm's Wirst
  • Right Hand
  • Left Hand
  • 2 Small Rings slots
  • 6 Medium Rings slots
  • 2 Big Rings slots

I would like 300 items slots(inactive).
I would some Charms slots... about 100, for Charm type items, that give their bonuses just when they are keeped in the inventory.
I also would like 10 slots for unused ammo.
I would like to make the items stackable, and to can set the limit of stacking

Consumables : I would like 5 belt slots, where do consumables can be put for faster use!

For the belt : i will do some magic with it...

Items' required stats :
To store:
the name - string

the type - string

the classification - string

the charges(only if consumable or ammo) - integer

the damage (for any type excepting charms and consumables) - integer

the armor(excepting charms and consumables) - integer

strength - integer

agillity - integer

intelligence - integer

max hp bonus - integer

max mp bonus - integer

current hp bonus(only for consumables) - integer

current mp bonus(only for consumables) - integer

attack speed(excepting consumables) - real

hp regeneration - real

mp regeneration - real

abillity1 given(excepting consumables) - abillity

abillity1 given level(excepting consumables) - integer

abillity2 given(excepting consumables) - abillity

abillity2 given level(excepting consumables) - integer

abillity3 given(excepting consumables) - abillity

abillity3 given level(excepting consumables) - integer

description - string

the icon - image / string...

the ammo gets only a damage or attack speed bonus.

For the sections : i would like to have the normal inventory slots in the upper part of the multiboard with 1 line brake(a multiboard row) between a row of icons, 2 row brakes and then the charms slots(like the normal slots), 2 row brakes and then the ammo slots... I would like to use an text like " ^ " without quotes to show wich item is selected. Navigation with arrow keys, equiping / unequiping item with the " S " key, triggered with the "stop" order. The equipment slots should be showed in the downer left corner of the multiboard and item name, charges(if ammo or consumable) and description(wich also contains the stats) in the downer right corner.

I think you know what do any of them do already...

This is the system i would need...
Reward : + as much reputation as i can on hive ; credits in game credits zone, and name of the author showed on the screen at any time ; credits in the forum ; a place in the Hall of Honor ; my respect

If you can, may and want to do it, please tell me.
If you need to know something else, tell me.

Greetings, I am Vercas/Verticas/StrikheeeeEEErr, the creator of StrikheeeeEEErr Open RPG. The project is NOT ready yet, and I haven't released any DEMO yet!
A possibly better Inventory System... Vercas
A possibly better Inventory System... Dragonimage_16673_17628_pixel
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A possibly better Inventory System...
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